Corporate Culture

Yuwang culture is the sum of the material and spiritual wealth created by Yuwang in our long-term business activities, and it is the logic behind the accumulated behavior habits, external images and habits.

Corporate mission: Promote revolution, lead progress.
Promote industrial revolution and become the main force influencing and promoting industrial transformation, so as to create more material and spiritual wealth for enterprises and society.

Corporate vision: To become the industry continuous revolutionary innovation leader
Form the business environment that is based on the rule of law, humane, comprehensive, constantly learning, leading revolution, pioneering innovation, and full of energy
In this environment, we share the same values, common rules and standards, the "should" habits of thought and the idea of guidance. Open in spirit, the relationship between people is honest, frank and different, in the meanwhile there is a competitive relationship of the fittest survive. Everyone is determined to create more wealth, and everyone who makes a contribution in the team can get the corresponding rich economic income.

Core values: sincerity and truth

General Principles of culture:
Behave: To seek truth, to be a real man (Thinking method: the unity of knowledge and practice)
Act: Focus on methods and tools (thinking method: use to learn, learn to apply)
Relation: You can only do things well if you are a good person.

Enterprise spirit: do your best and always be first

Work style: initiative, professional and efficient.

Spiritual character:

Firm belief in victory, the style of hard struggle, and the kind of perseverance
Good public awareness, high sense of social responsibility, inexhaustible innovative spirit.